Solve Insomnia, Restless Nights, Groggy Mornings, Tired Days

Sleep is a natural and necessary aspect of daily life.  When we don't get enough good sleep we feel groggy and irritable, impacting our relationships, job performance, and ability to manage stress.  Long term sleep problems can eventually erode our physical and mental health. 


Sleep "aids", such as pharmaceuticals, drugs, and alcohol are band-aid solutions that eventually lose their effectiveness and come with a host of unwanted side effects and dangers.


Two keys to establishing a good night's sleep naturally are changing habits before bedtime and calming the inner voice that worries and ruminates as soon as you close your eyes. 


Using hypnosis I help you create new bedtime patterns that set the perfect stage for good, restful sleep.  You'll learn self-hypnosis techniques you can use every night to quiet that inner voice, helping you to fall asleep fast.  

Help with:
  • Bad Dreams

  • Insomnia

  • Restlessness

  • Sleep Disorders

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Stephen B. Lewis

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