Changing Behavior By Changing Your Mind

Habits like nail biting, hair pulling, and skin picking have surprising connections to addictions like smoking, gambling, obsessive phone checking, and overeating.  All are self-soothing behaviors that can build up over time into an unwanted habit.


As destructive as they can be, habits hold power by stimulating the brain's chemical reward system and "wiring" a specific feeling to a behavior.  A habit can feel like a compulsion or addiction once your brain becomes used to the reward from that behavior.

While unwanted habits and behaviors can feel insurmountable, the good news is your brain is "plastic"; that is, it has the capacity to learn new, non-destructive behaviors in place of old, unwanted ones. 


Using hypnosis I provide you with new ways to reduce anxiety and stress, allowing you to become less dependent on unwanted habits you may have adopted years ago to help you feel good.  I then help train your mind, re-wiring those old patterns with new ones that can be just as soothing yet non-destructive to your body or pocketbook.

Help with:
  • Addictions

  • Changing habits

  • Gambling

  • Hair twisting

  • Nail biting

  • Obsessions

  • Obsessive-Compulsive

  • Quitting Smoking

  • Substance Abuse

  • Tardiness

  • Thumb Sucking

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Stephen B. Lewis

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