Rewind, Rewrite, Move Forward

Age Regression is a fascinating and effective hypnotherapy technique that can help heal old wounds and diffuse traumatic memories.  It can answer questions from the past as well as create closure in the present.


Used for everything from finding lost objects to releasing old, painful memories, from feeling the sensations of a possible future self to conversing with your inner child, regression allows your imagination to vivify events past and future, real and imagined.

Past Life Regression enables you to imagine, in vivid detail, an experience from a  previous or other life.  While I am personally agnostic about whether this type of regression is a real memory of a true past life or simply an imaginative fantasy, from my own experience I can attest to the reality of the feelings regression can invoke and to its therapeutic potential.


I use regression when appropriate and with the consent of my clients to help resolve many kinds of issues.  If you are interested in regression for its own sake, such as to have a past life hypnotic experience, please inquire.

Help with:
  • Emotional Release

  • Find Lost Objects

  • Forgiveness

  • Future Envisioning

  • Inner Child Work

  • Past Life Regression

  • Trauma

  • Troubling Memories