This disclosure is provided in compliance with Section 2053.6 of the California Business and Professions Code.
Stephen B. Lewis is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with an office at 675 Carolina Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. Phone #: 415-842-4980.
The purpose of a program of hypnotherapy is for self-improvement and as an alternative or complementary treatment to healing arts services licensed by the State. Stephen B. Lewis is not a licensed physician or psychologist and hypnotherapy services are not licensed by the State of California. Services are non-diagnostic and do not include the practice of medicine and should not be considered a substitute for licensed medical or psychological services or procedures.

Stephen is a Clinical Hypnotherapist certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners with certification # 417-116. Stephen completed courses of Hypnotherapy and Advanced Hypnotherapy at Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera, CA, and continuing education and training from various other hypnosis specialists and teachers. He holds a BA from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.

Hypnosis works with the learning potential of the subconscious mind to change habits and behaviors. The subconscious mind is considered to be the source of many of our emotions, attitudes, and motivations. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for accessing your subconscious mind in order to create improvements in your life.

Arc Hypnosis services consist of a program of conditioning including an undetermined number of private sessions depending on your individual needs. Stephen will, to the best of his ability, help you to accomplish your objectives in as few sessions as necessary.
Any matters regarding you and your sessions will be kept confidential except for any of the following circumstances: 1. You grant Stephen permission to release specific information to a specific individual or group. 2. You are an imminent danger to yourself or others. 3. As required by law.

On occasion Stephen consults with colleagues about his clients in order to provide the best care possible, but clients are not identified by name. Stephen may use anecdotes from actual client sessions for articles, talks, and videos but will never identify clients by name or other personal identifying information unless the client has given Stephen specific permission to do so.

Hypnosis is not a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or counseling.  No service provided is intended to diagnose or treat any disease or illness, psychological or mental health condition. Rather, hypnosis is intended to provide information, education, and motivation that will promote feeling better, healing faster, and generally being more effective.  It is designed to give insight and tools into your innate potential and guide you towards being more effective in helping yourself.