The following disclosure is provided in compliance with Section 2053.6 of the California Business and Professions Code.


Stephen B. Lewis is a Certified Hypnotherapist doing business as Arc Hypnosis at 1195 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA  94110.

The purpose of a program of hypnotherapy is for self-improvement and as an alternative or complimentary treatment to healing arts services licensed by the state.  Stephen B. Lewis is not a licensed physician, psychologist, or counselor, and hypnotherapy services are not licensed by the State of California.  Services are non-diagnostic and do not include the practice of medicine and should not be considered a substitute for licensed medical, psychological, or counseling services or procedures.

Stephen is a Hypnotherapist certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.  He completed courses of Hypnotherapy and Advanced Hypnotherapy at Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corte Madera, CA.  He holds a BA from the University of Southern California.

The subconscious mind is considered to be the source of many behaviors, emotions, attitudes, and motivations, as well as memories and beliefs.  Hypnotherapy is understood to work by engaging more directly with the subconscious mind in order to make desired changes in habit, behavior, and thought.

Services consist of a program of conditioning including an undetermined number of private sessions depending on the client’s individual needs.  Stephen B. Lewis will, to the best of his ability, endeavor to help accomplish the client’s objectives in as few sessions as necessary.


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Stephen B. Lewis

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