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San Francisco In-Office and Online Hypnotherapy Services


Stephen B. Lewis, CHt


ACHE # 417-116

I'm Stephen, a clinical hypnotherapist in San Francisco, California. I’m dedicated to helping my clients achieve the change they desire for themselves, quickly and effectively.

I will help you resolve limiting beliefs, unwanted behaviors, and troubling feelings that are holding you back. We’ll work together to retrain your mind with new, positive habits that will enable you to feel better and achieve your full potential.


On this site you can find out more about my hypnotherapy practice and even book a free phone consultation when you're ready.

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Hypnosis is a safe, effective method used to resolve many personal problems. Learn more about how my services can help you achieve your specific goals.

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Contact Stephen

If hypnotherapy seems like it  might be right for you but you still have questions, you can contact me with your goals and any questions you may have.


Free Consultation

When you're ready to become a client you can book a free, 20 minute phone consultation on a day and time convenient to you. After this conversation, if it's a good mutual fit, we can then schedule your first hypnotherapy session.



 For the ultimate experiential hypnotherapy session, in-office, in-person sessions can't be beat.


If you live in the Bay Area you'll find my San Francisco office on Potrero Hill a convenient location with free street parking on the block.


During the pandemic I follow all mandated health precautions to create a safe space for you.


COVID UPDATE:  You may choose to book in-office sessions provided that you are fully vaccinated. Masks are required during in-person sessions. 

Whether in-person or online, hypnotherapy sessions with me are safe and effective. They each have their advantages so choose the format that best suits you and your personal circumstances.

Online Discussion

 Hypnotherapy sessions over Zoom are perfect for anyone who prefers the ease and comfort this format affords.  (Of course it's the only option for those clients living outside the San Francisco Bay Area.)


I have conducted many online sessions with clients from all over the world. I take care to deliver high quality audio and video to provide an effective and exceptional virtual hypnosis experience.


Do you feel stuck with an unwanted habit or limited by negative thoughts, emotions, or fears? Hypnosis can help you release old patterns and adopt new ones, allowing you to live the better life you can envision for yourself.

Are you struggling with health or fitness goals? Do you have difficulty finding or maintaining motivation? Hypnotherapy can help disrupt old modes of thought, feeling, and behavior, replacing them with a new, productive mindset.

Do you feel trapped by an irrational fear or unwanted habit? Hypnotherapy can help you resolve it once and for all. 

Hypnotherapy offers natural, drug-free solutions for anxiety, sleep issues, and chronic pain. You'll use the innate power of your own mind to direct your attention, control perception, and feel better.



What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness characterized by inward focus and enhanced creative thought. Most people enter hypnotic trance states on their own. If you've ever daydreamed, you've experienced a trance! Hypnosis is also a state of mind where deeper learning can take place.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy harnesses the power of your unconscious mind to learn and adopt new mindsets. It serves as a bridge linking your conscious goals with your unconscious motivations. Changing your mind isn't achieved with willpower but instead through unconscious re-learning.

Why Use a Hypnotherapist?

Personal problems can feel insurmountable on your own. By working with a guide you can more quickly achieve your goals, including issues that may have burdened you for years. As a team we'll work to replace your old, unwanted patterns with new, desirable mindsets allowing you to become a better version of yourself.


Hypnotherapy offers a rapid, goal-oriented approach to solving even the most intractable personal problem. Many of my clients begin to see positive changes after just a single session and often get everything they need to solve their problem within 3-6 sessions.


If you'd like to learn how my hypnosis services can help you resolve your issue you may book a free, 20 minute phone consultation on a day and time convenient for you.

Or use the contact form below to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Contact Stephen

Thanks for your message! I'll get back to you soon.